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Other groups working on KDE development

While there’s essentially a brain trust that guides the development of KDE in an overall way there are several smaller groups hard at work on minor issues. For instance, there’s a team dedicated entirely to making KDE work for people with handicaps of all kinds. They’re no doubt working for a tiny number of people [...]

Learn how KDE gets anything done

An organization dedicated to the development of free software isn’t exactly a big money maker and it would be impossible for anyone to take the lead on it and have enough time to work a money making job too. That’s why KDE is run by a sizable group of individuals that have made significant contributions [...]

The software community KDE

The idea for KDE came to student Matthias Ettrich in 1996 and was born out of his frustration with the Unix operating system. He was frustrated that none of the applications looked or behaved in similar ways. He was right to be concerned; that has always been a major hurdle to the acceptance of a [...]

Ubuntu is more popular than you might think

It’s hard to estimate how many computers around the world use Ubuntu since they don’t have sales numbers but it’s clear that it’s a popular piece of software. The highest estimate is more than 20 million users worldwide, an impressive number for Linux. The organization behind it and the frequency of updates combined with the [...]

The company behind Ubuntu

You might think a large company wouldn’t be behind the distribution and updating of a free piece of software but in the case of Ubuntu you’d be wrong. The company’s name is Canonical, Ltd and they’re owned by South African businessman Mark Shuttleworth. The company operates and updates Ubuntu while working with software developers around [...]

Free operating system Ubuntu

Ubuntu is based on the Debian Linux distribution (a version of Linux, in other words) and is distributed entirely free of charge. It stands out from other versions of Linux because of its excellent desktop environment, something that has been sorely lacking in many Linux distributions over the years. The name of the operating system [...]

Linux use on servers and supercomputers

It’s on servers and supercomputers that Linux really excels and will continue to do so in the future. As much as Microsoft would love to get their hands on that valuable business market there’s almost no chance their bug-riddled and security compromised software will be able to penetrate the market. As far back as 2006 [...]

Linux on your desktop

There was a time when the idea of Linux on your desktop was thought of as the domain of the super nerds only. Nowadays that’s changing in part because those charged with the development of the widely distributed Linux versions have worked hard to make it more user friendly. The biggest step in that process [...]

The use of Linux around the world

You might be surprised at how common Linux is in computers around the world. The government of Brazil, for instance, insists on using Linux wherever possible for its sophistication combined with simplicity. Plus, the fact that it can be changed with ease can’t be overstated as a positive feature. Apparently the Russian military has created [...]

The origins of Linux

Linux was originally developed for Intel x86 personal computers and was free for anyone that wanted a copy. It was never popular on personal computers due to its technical nature and being user unfriendly but you’d be surprised at the reach it has in the world of supercomputing. In fact, the vast majority of the [...]