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Other groups working on KDE development

While there’s essentially a brain trust that guides the development of KDE in an overall way there are several smaller groups hard at work on minor issues. For instance, there’s a team dedicated entirely to making KDE work for people with handicaps of all kinds. They’re no doubt working for a tiny number of people but they’re so dedicated to it that they don’t care. They just want to make their software platform of choice as great as possible.

There’s an art team that works on making the graphical interface better and more appealing. They work on the websites too. There’s a team that keeps track of and attempts to squash any of the bugs in the software. There’s a team that works only on writing documentation for the software. KDE is a testament to what people can do when they share a common goal and have no ego about credit or no drive to get paid. They just want to make it good.
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